Landsbankinn publishes a great variety of interesting content linked to finances, the Bank's operation and changes in the community. In 2017, the Bank published sophisticated web magazines, one dedicated to trade and services and the other to the travel industry. The content was published on Landsbankinn's website Umræðan, which was judged the best content and news site by the panel of the Icelandic Web Awards in 2017.

Fara neðar

Umræðan - Landsbankinn's online magazine

Landsbankinn's Umræðan is an ambitious website that hosts thought-provoking articles on a variety of subjects, from trending topics in the financial world to op-eds on social changes. The website refers to and is part of the Bank's aim to be a dynamic force in Iceland.

Umræðan premiered in November of 2016 and was selected the best content and news site by the panel of the Icelandic Web Awards in January 2017. Content production for the website was upped in 2017 and emphasis has been placed on video material.

Content is in the form of text, photos, videos and graphic statistics. In 2017, increased emphasis was placed on video material and that format used to present interviews with experts and commentators, informative short documentaries and introductions, in addition to entertaining, op-ed content.

Several of the topics covered on Umræðan are social commentary and not directly related to the Bank's operation, such as articles and videos about the Reykjavík Pride Parade, search and rescue organisations in Iceland, the Icelandic rap scene, futuristic science fiction films and women's football, while others address developments in banking and finance, such as data protection, the advantages of asset diversification and the real estate market.

An ambitious series of articles on cyber security was published on Umræðan in April, authored by the Bank's experts in the field and addressing various aspects of the issue, such as the future of authentication, security in online shopping, phishing and more. In recent years, online attempts at fraud have increased considerably and Landsbankinn places great emphasis on warning its customers and others against such dangers. A short video was prepared to inform users about a particular type of cyberscam, the so-called CEO fraud, in an understandable and accessible manner. Umræðan has also focused on responsible investment in several posts.

Icelandic Web Awards

  • In January 2017, Umræðan was selected the best content and news site at the Icelandic Web Awards.
  • Social Affairs - Thoughtful articles and interviews about new developments and changes in the community, the financial world and in Landsbankinn's operations.
  • Economy - Articles and research on the economy from Landsbankinn Economic Research.
  • Conferences - Miscellaneous material from conferences and meetings hosted by the Bank.
  • Fjárhagur blog - Shorter, informative articles in which Landsbankinn employees share their experience and expertise on household finances and economics.

Hagspá, by Economic Research, and the department's analyses of individual aspects of the economy are now exclusively published on Umræðan.

Detailed websites have been set up in relation to larger publications by the Bank's Economic Research department. Hagspá, by Economic Research, and the department's analyses of individual aspects of the economy are now exclusively published on Umræðan. This includes an elaborate website about trade and services, aired in March, and another website dedicated to the travel industry in September. The websites employ interactive graphs, videos, photos and interviews with industry stakeholders to illustrate the points made in Economic Research's analyses. Umræðan includes recordings, slides and other material from conferences hosted by the Bank.

Landsbankinn Economic Research publishes its regular bulletins on economic affairs on Umræðan, with a focus on economic developments, public finances, the real estate market, the inflation outlook etc., etc. Regular column Icelandic Economic Weekly includes market information, a review of the previous week and calendar for upcoming financial events, key indicators, financial statements, etc.

Landsbankinn Economic Research produces sustantive research and analyses of economic developments and plays a key role in shaping the Bank's vision on changes and outlook in the economy, both domestically and abroad.

Economic Research published 382 analyses in 2017

The department publishes macroeconomic and inflation forecasts, prepares sector analyses and handles other specialised tasks. Economic Research also prepares analyses and price valuations of listed companies.

Economic Research created a total of 382 analytical publications in 2017, and hosted numerous meetings and events where the focus was on economic affairs. One of its publications was an in-depth analysis of the status and outlook on Icelandic commerce and tourism in Iceland. Following Landsbankinn's presentation of Economic Research's macroeconomic forecast in Harpa in November, Þjóðhagur, the department's annual publication, was published on Umræðan. It is composed of in-depth analytical articles on various aspects of the Icelandic and global economy. Video interviews with Economic Research's experts were also published on Umræðan and made available on the Bank's Facebook page. Economic Research's experts are frequently quoted in the media and they regularly make themselves available for interviews, in line with the Bank's goal of being a dynamic presence in the community.

Economic analysis, the stock and FX markets
Þjóðhagur special publications 4
Hagsjá 119
Iceland Economic Weekly 49
The FX market 12
Monthly review of covered bonds 12
Earnings estimates 52
Performance reviews 43
Valuation of companies 16
Monthly review of the equities market 12
Special publications 15
Shareholders' register 48
Publications in English 54
From the review of Landsbankinn's economic forecast

In 2017, the Bank hosted a large conference on the status and outlook in the Icelandic travel industry and an annual conference to introduce Economic Research's 3-year macroeconomic forecast.

Conferences and meetings

Every year, Landsbankinn hosts a number of varied conferences and meetings, in addition to publishing several special issues and analyses on the economy and industry. In 2017, the Bank hosted a large conference on the status and outlook in the Icelandic travel industry and an annual conference to introduce Economic Research's 3-year macroeconomic forecast. The latter included a side panel on the effect of real estate prices on economic stability and Simon McGeary, Managing Director at Citigroup, addressed the banks' dividend capacity and capital structure in light of changes to the international legal framework for financial undertakings.

The section "Conferences" on Landsbankinn's news and content site Umræðan includes recordings, slides and other material from the Bank's popular conferences. Emphasis is placed on providing detailed and accessible web-based material.

In addition, smaller meetings were held throughout the country, focusing on savings, the importance of asset diversification, investment opportunities abroad following the lifting of capital controls, and entry into the housing market. Special meetings were held in Reykjanesbær and Akureyri to introduce Economic Research's macroeconomic forecast.

Landsbankinn's experts actively participated in several other conferences, such as the Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition and a large conference hosted by the Federation of Trade & Services, where Economic Research's in-depth analysis of the status of commerce in Iceland was presented.

Sprotarnir on iPad

Sproti app – Landsbankinn's new app for kids

The Sproti app, an entertaining app for children, was released in 2016. The aim was to create an all-Icelandic app to entertain and educate youngsters. The Sproti app is a world of adventure, with games, stories, music and opportunities to learn for kids of all ages. The Sproti app is entirely conceived of and produced in Iceland. Kári Gunnarsson is the mind behind conception, design and illustration while Felix Bergsson authors stories and text and Aranja handled programming.

Programming of the Sproti app received recognition at the Icelandic Web Awards in 2017. The Sproti app was also nominated in the category best web app.

The Sproti app, an entirely Icelandic app for children, is both entertaining and educational.