Partnership and Support

Landsbankinn supports and participates in various social initiatives. Emphasis is placed on ensuring varied support and that the Bank's contributions benefit many people. In 2017, the Bank's partnership with Reykjavík Pride was strengthened even further with the creation of a fund that awards grants for participation in the Pride Parade.

Fara neðar
Support for the community is an important aspect of Landsbankinn's efforts under corporate social responsibility. The Bank provides financial support for various social initiatives through grants from its Community Fund and partnership agreements. In addition, the Bank's branches support various local projects directly. 

Landsbankinn primarily supports community initiatives through three channels: Firstly, with grants from the Community Fund awarded unconditionally; secondly, based on mutually beneficial partnership agreements; and, finally, through individual branches who support local projects, including sports and youth activities, humanitarian organisations and non-profit organisations.

  • Varied support for the community that benefits many.
  • Judging panels are to a majority comprised of experts in each field.
  • Equal treatment and diversification ensured in so far as possible in awarding grants.
  • Clear framework for the awarding of the Bank's financial grants.

Community Fund

Landsbankinn's Community Fund is key to the Bank's financial contribution to the community. In 2017, three types of grants were awarded: scholarships in the amount of ISK 6 million, environmental grants in the amount of ISK 5 million and community grants in the amount of ISK 15 million - a total of ISK 26 million.

Emphasis is placed on ensuring varied support and that the Bank's contributions benefit many people. The Bank has set itself the rule that judging panels shall be to a majority comprised of experts in each field and that the application process for grants is well established and clear to ensure that the Bank's customers and all Icelanders have equal opportunity to apply.

The partnership between Landsbankinn and Reykjavík Pride was further strengthened this year with the creation of a new fund open to application from individuals and groups participating in the Pride Parade. The partnership with Reykjavík Pride is just on one the Bank's many commitments to the community.

Landsbankinn endeavours to increase direct participation by employees in the community, by such means as providing expert advice on finance and innovation. The Bank's employees have served on judging panels such as that of innovation competition Gulleggið.


Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue

Landsbankinn is a one of the key sponsors of Landsbjörg, the Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue (ICE-SAR). The Bank wishes to contribute to effective rescue service and accident prevention throughout Iceland. ICE-SAR is a national association of rescue and prevention squads and one of Iceland's largest volunteer associations. The aim of ICE-SAR is to prevent accidents and save human lives and valuables.


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"Á allra vörum"

Landsbankinn sponsored national charity promotion event "Á allra vörum" in 2017. This year the drive was in support of women's shelter Kvennaathvarfið which provides invaluable support to women in need. The charity promotion took the form of a national collection to finance housing for women who do not have anywhere to go once they leave the shelter. The promotion culminated in a televised collection on RÚV and Síminn TV, with a total of ISK 80 million donated to the project.


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Reykjavík Pride

Landsbankinn supports the Icelandic campaign for LGBTQI+ rights and has been a proud sponsor of Reykjavík Pride since the beginning. The partnership agreement between Reykjavík Pride and Landsbankinn was renewed in 2017 and strengthened even further with the creation of a new fund. The aim of the Pride Fund is to support individuals and smaller groups to prepare floats and appearances in the Pride Parade and thus to encourage participation in Reykjavík Pride.

Landsbankinn furnishes the Pride Fund with ISK 1.5 million, in addition to other support for the festival. The management team of Reykjavík Pride is responsible for the application process and appoints a panel of judges to review applications and award grants from the Pride Fund. The panel will have the prerogative to set aside a maximum amount of ISK 200,000 towards a motivation award, to be granted at the end of the festival. Seven groups received grants from the Pride Fund in 2017, with the largest grant going to drag cabaret Drag-Súgur.


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UN Women

Landsbankinn has had a very gratifying partnership with UN Women in Iceland in recent years and provided financial support for various important projects by the Icelandic Chapter. The Bank sponsors the HeForShe initiative, the goal of which is to encourage men and boys to actively engage in the struggle for gender equality in all arenas. In 2011, Landsbankinn signed the Women's Empowerment Principles – Equality Means Business (WEPs), an international venture by UN Women and UN Global Compact. In so doing, the Bank committed itself to work to ensure equal rights in-house.


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Menningarnótt - Reykjavík Cultural Night

Landsbankinn has been an active participant in Reykjavík Cultural Night from the beginning. The Bank has hosted an open house and sponsored the project throughout. The Bank has placed great emphasis on ensuring that its financial support directly benefits artists and groups organising events for Reykjavík Cultural Night. For that purpose, a special fund was created in collaboration with Höfuðborgarstofa. Its objective is to support original and special ideas. This year, 27 projects received financial support and the focus was placed on the area surrounding Hlemmur.


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Iceland Airwaves

Landsbankinn is an enthusiastic supporter of music festival Iceland Airwaves. Providing support for young musicians allows the Bank to bring corporate social responsibility to its endeavour to actively promote art and culture in Iceland. In recent years, Landsbankinn has engaged young musicians to get the festival going through the publication of videos. Rapper Birnir and bands GDRN and Between Mountains were this year's choice.

Interviews with these promising musicians were published on Landsbankinn's Airwaves website and they also appeared at the Bank's off-venue concert, held at the Austurstræti branch on 4 November, playing to a full house of happy concert-goers. Off-venue events were also held in Stúdentakjallarinn and the Bank's Akureyri branch.


Landsbankinn's Iceland Airwaves website

Skólahreysti - Fit for School

Landsbankinn is the main sponsor of Skólahreysti, a sports tournament for elementary schools, and an active supporter of the tournament. The aim of Skólahreysti is to encourage kids to participate in a comprehensive sports experience based on the tenets of physical education. Skólahreysti has grown in popularity each year. Around 600 kids currently compete for their schools and several thousand are active members of support teams. Skólahreysti is also sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Education, the Nordic Council of Ministers, Toyota and the Icelandic Sports Union and Olympic Committee.


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The Football Association of Iceland

Landsbankinn sponsors the Football Association of Iceland (KSÍ). Along with five other companies, Landsbankinn provides financial support for the development of Icelandic football country-wide, for all youth national teams and the A-level men's and women's teams.

The Icelandic women's national football team competed in the Euro Cup in summer of 2017 and has been making headlines in recent years. We followed the team - affectionately dubbed "our girls" - on its Euro Cup journey and covered the rise of women's football on Umræðan.


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The Vigdís Finnbogadóttir Institute

Landsbankinn, along with ten other companies, sponsors the Vigdís Finnbogadóttir Institute of Foreign Languages. Landsbankinn has supported the Institute handsomely in recent years and funds from the Bank have gone towards daily operation during the establishment of the Institute. The Vigdís Finnbogadóttir Institute of Foreign Languages operates out of Veröld - Vigdís' House, which was opened in 20 April 2017.

The Vigdís International Centre for Multilingualism and Intercultural Understanding was in November 2011 authorised to operate under the auspices of UNESCO.


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Háskólasjóður Eimskipafélagsins Fund

Nine PhD students at the University of Iceland received grants from the Háskólasjóður H/f Eimskipafélags Íslands Fund in spring 2017. The Fund is managed by Landsbankinn.

The Háskólasjóður H/f Eimskipafélags Íslands Fund was created by expat Icelanders in 1964 who donated their stock portfolio in Eimskipafélagið. The Fund was created in memory of Icelanders who emigrated to the USA and Canada and aims to support research students at the University of Iceland. Grants were awarded from the Fund in its current form for the first time in 2006, and over 130 PhD students have received grants from it since.


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Financial education

Landsbankinn actively participates in the financial education programme Fjármálavit, hosted by the Icelandic Financial Services Association and its members. The aim is to instruct 10th grade students in all elementary schools in Iceland in the basics of household finances and inspire teaching about financial matters. Employees of SFF members throughout Iceland visit schools in their immediate environment and offer instruction based on the material.


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Svanni - Women's Loan Guarantee Fund

Landsbankinn and Svanni - Women's Loan Guarantee Fund collaborate to grant credit to women in business. The Fund and the Bank jointly guarantee the loans. Landsbankinn guarantees half of loan amounts and the Fund the other half, ensuring easier access to funding to female business operators and increasing the opportunity for women to establish companies. In September, Landsbankinn hosted a presentation on financing possibilities through Svanni for female entrepreneurs. The partnership agreement is part of Landsbankinn's efforts to boost the economy and encourage domestic innovation.


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Gulleggið innovation competition

Landsbankinn sponsors Gulleggið, an annual innovation competition hosted by Icelandic Startups. The key goal of the competition is to create a platform for young entrepreneurs to practice and gain experience of shaping new business ideas and operating a company. As part of the competition, participants are offered courses, advice and specialist assistance with everything from shaping a business idea to budgeting to communicating with investors.


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Aldrei fór ég suður festival

Landsbankinn is one of the main sponsors of the rock festival Aldrei fór ég suður, held in Ísafjörður every Easter. Landsbankinn has supported the festival, conceived of and established by musician Mugison and his father, since 2010. This support is part of the Bank's efforts to actively foster the grassroots music scene in Iceland. Some amazing musicians appeared at this year's festival, including Emmsjé Gauti, HAM, Hildur and Lúðrasveit Ísafjarðar.


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Support for sports and youth activities

It is important to Landsbankinn to actively support sports in Iceland. With that in mind, the Bank's branches throughout the country enter into direct partnership agreements with local sporting clubs. Special emphasis is placed on supporting child and youth activities.

Women in Energy

The association Women in Energy was founded earlier this year and is open to all entities in the energy industry or who are interested in energy in Iceland. The aim of the association is to educate and inform about energy issues and encourage better networking among women in the sector. Landsbankinn sponsors the association.


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Cluster initiative in tourism

Landsbankinn has participated in a tourism cluster initiative since the project was launched in 2012. The key goal is to increase competitiveness and value creation in the travel industry and the project is guided by the cluster methodology of Michael Porter. Key companies in the travel industry, public entities and companies in tourism support branches or collaborative sectors all join forces in the cluster.

Reykjavík Convention City

Landsbankinn participates in the organisation Reykjavík Convention City, responsible for promotion and marketing under the brand "Meet in Reykjavík". The organisation aims to increase the number of conferences held in Reykjavík and the city’s close environs and extend the tourist season into the winter months to better utilise existing infrastructure. Reykjavík Convention City is a joint venture of numerous companies, including Icelandair, the City of Reykjavík and Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre. The target group is mostly foreign conference organisers and guests.

Iceland Luxury

Landsbankinn has partnered with Icelandair Group, the Blue Lagoon and Meet in Reykjavík in a strategic 3-year project to market Reykjavík and Iceland as a destination in luxury tourism. The project is called Iceland Luxury and is hosted and managed by Meet in Reykjavík. The partnership aims to contribute to long-term strategizing in tourism, strengthen the image of Reykjavík and Iceland as a high-end destination, increase collaboration between companies in this market in the travel industry and support development of infrastructure and services to the target group. The partnership builds on the work begun with the establishment of Meet in Reykjavík in 2012, an effort also supported by Landsbankinn.

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The Iceland Ocean Cluster

Landsbankinn is a partner of the Iceland Ocean Cluster, which aims to boost the competitiveness and value creation of Icelandic companies who utilise marine resources, directly or indirectly. Since its establishment, the Iceland Ocean Cluster has contributed to development and innovation in the sectors in the Cluster in cooperation with corporates and educational institutions, and published various research and analysis papers. Around 60 companies and institutions in varied marine-related operations in Iceland are formally a part of the Cluster..


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