Landsbankinn Annual Report

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Landsbankinn's Annual Report 2017

Landsbankinn's market share continued to grow in 2017, with surveys revealing increased customer satisfaction with the Bank's services and growing confidence in the Bank. Landsbankinn's net profit in 2017 was ISK 19.8 bn after taxes, as compared with ISK 16.6 bn in 2016. After-tax ROE in in 2017 was 8.2%.

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Iceland's largest financial undertaking

Landsbankinn provides individuals, corporations and investors with solid, comprehensive financial services based on long-term business partnerships.
123,358 individuals bank with Landsbankinn
13,503 companies bank with Landsbankinn
Branches and outlets at year-end 2017
No. of ATMs / No. of locations
Full-time equivalent positions at year-end 2017
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Landsbankinn's wide range of services

Landsbankinn makes digital development a priority and is focused on enabling its customers to tend to their banking business, any time and any place.
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Your Landsbankinn

Landsbankinn's strategy is to be exemplary, to be a trusted financial partner and strive for excellence in service provision and communications with customers.